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The Top Four Nursery Wall Paint Colors

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Are you expecting a little human to join your family soon? If you are pregnant and due soon then we give you our warmest hugs and kisses for your new little bundle of joy. Surely, you are very happy and excited to meet your little one and so are we. We hope that everything will go smoothly for everyone in the family especially to the mother and to the newborn child. Your life will definitely change when that tiny baby sees the world. Consider babies as blessings in this very chaotic world and it is also a blessing from above to be able to bring or create another human being in this world we are living in. Thus, if you are the proud parents then you should celebrate and begin the preparation process in welcoming your new baby. 

Part of the preparation process in welcoming a new baby is creating or arranging the nursery. The nursery is the room dedicated for the baby; it is where his or her clothes, toys, tools, needs and many more that they use will be placed for storage. It could also be an area where they will be breastfed, put to sleep or they could also play in the nursery. The purpose of the nursery is really up to the decision of the parents and also depending on how big it is. The most fun part in arranging and making the nursery beautiful is choosing the perfect paint color from Muncie custom painting pros because it will definitely bring the nursery room another wonderful look.  

We hope to help you in the best way that we can, thus, we are here to spill the tea about the top four nursery wall paint colors that you can use for your baby’s room. We are sure that you will definitely enjoy all of these colors. 

  1. Gray 

This one is a popular choice because it can be used for baby girls or baby boys. This color is very friendly to any other designs or decorations that you put in the room because it blends and mixes well with it which is amazing if you are looking for a color that is neutral.  

  1. Sage 

The color sage is not as popular as pink or blue in the past times but now it has stolen the attention of the people because this color is actually very soothing and relaxing to the eyes, plus, it can go well with any gender of the baby.  

  1. Beige 

Beige is definitely one of the best options that you could use. This color is very earthy and it has a cool tone to it that definitely gives peace to the ones looking at it. This color is also very nice when exposed to natural lighting which is a good thing for a nursery that has source of lighting.  

  1. Mint Green 

If you are looking for a more fun nursery then you should be choosing this color because this is bright, modern and cool looking and is perfect for any gender of the child.  

The paint colors of the nursery speaks a lot about the feelings and memories that will be created in that room, thus, you should choose the perfect one for your baby.  

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