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New York Car Insurance Quote

New York Car Insurance QuoteCar insurance is an insurance purchased for cars. It is used to provide protection against losses as a result of car accidents. It provides property coverage, that pays you for the damage and theft of car, liability pays you for legal responsibility and medical coverage pays you the cost of treating injuries. Discover more about water leak detection at

A person supposed to pay the premium and the insurance company aggress to pay your losses defined in the policy.

New York car insurance policy

United States offers a law for car Insurance is that the third party insurance to protect third parties against the financial issues of damage, loss and injury by car. Penalties for not getting a car insured varies from state to state, but often involves a substantial amount of fine.Within New York City and all New York?s surrounding areas, Insurance proof is a requirement at registration and of course after an accident. The First Offense penalty is a $150 – $1500 fine, maximum 15 days in jail.

It is compulsory for every car in New York to be insured; otherwise it is considered an offence under the ?Road Traffic Act ?to take car on the road without insurance. If someone is a regular driver, there are chances of some car accidents. So it?s good to be prepared and know what to do if something unfortunate event happen. Every time a person takes a car on the road, there lies a risk of car damage, injury to a person and to the third party and his property. There are three types of car insurance

Third party The first two parties are the insurance company and the owner of the car that is the driver. The third party insurance covers injuries to others or damage to other people?s property.

Third party, fire and theft.

Comprehensive insurance: it cover third party, fire and theft plus,

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Personal accident


New York Car insurance requirements

The minimum requirement for New York car insurance is,

Liability insurance: it is represented as 25/50/10. 25 represents $25,000 the maximum coverage for a person?s injury, 50 represents for total coverage of all injuries in one accident and 10 represents $10,000 for the damage of property.

Low cost car insurance as long as the car is not financed.

New York car insurance premium

There are many factors that affect the premium for car insurance. There are few risk associated with the person, the more he or she likely to pay for coverage.

Age: driver under the age of 25 are at a greater risk of accidents.

Gender: women are considered safer drivers then men.

Marital status: a married person will pay less than a single person.